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We received many flood drive from Hurricane Sandy
The first week we were able to recover 80% of the drives.
The second week we recovered 60% of the drives.
At 30 days we were only able to recover 20% of the drives.
The longer you wait with water in your drive, the less likely that anybody can recover it.
Send us your drive ASAP after you get it wet.


The hard drives above came from a subbasement in NYC after Hurricane Sandy.
The drives were covered by some unknown substance.
We were able to recover these because we were able to clean them up before they dried out.


The customer above waited too long to have his hard drive recovered.
He said he was waiting for his insurance company to approve the recovery.
The water corrodes the disk surface and causes the data to fade away.
This drive is so bad that it can’t be recovered even for a million dollars.

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