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Laptop and notebook hard drives are very delicate due to the size of the drive. A laptop has a hard drive spinning while the machine is on which means there is mechanical functionality happening while you are moving the machine around. If you were to “bump” or “drop” your laptop while the hard drive is spinning, it can cause severe damage to the media.


Data Recovery NJ is very experienced in laptop hard drive repair, notebook data recovery and laptop crash. There are many indications or signs which factor into whether your hard drive is experiencing mechanical failure. There are electronic failures which can occur if liquid is spilled on the machine, causing the printed circuit board to short out and the drive will no longer spin when power is applied. Laptop not spinning can also be caused by the actuator arm no longer positioned to the ramp; the head actually is parked on the platters causing the laptop drive to not spin. The other scenario is seized bearings which can also lead to the laptop not spinning. In this case, we need to swap all the media and mechanical components to perform laptop hard drive repair.

If you hear your laptop clicking, this usually indicates a hard drive head crash. We can often bypass this failure by swapping parts into the donor drive. However, sometimes the media can get scratched by the actuator arm touching the platters, this can sometimes lead to the drive being unrecoverable. But, there are many scenarios where Data Recovery NJ has recovered a hard drive partially from damaged media. Please stop applying power to the hard drive immediately if you hear the laptop clicking.

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