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Raid0 data recovery


Data Recovery NJ is highly experienced in raid 0 array data recovery and restoring the striped set to extract the sensitive data needed from the hard drives.
RAID 0 is the simplest form of RAID level is quite easy to implement. RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks. RAID 0 is a storage scheme to store information onto a computer by breaking down the data into portions or chunks of data in a particular size which is defined by the user’s hardware or software configuration. All stripes are equal in size, which are then written sector by sector across the different disk drives or arrays. Typically referred to as raid striping, this is when sectors are written sequentially and are used to boost hard drive performance and add storage space. Seek time can be reduced to virtually half the amount of time it would take to search a single higher capacity hard drive.


We at Data Recovery NJ are experts in RAID 0 data recovery.
If you experience data loss from a striped RAID 0 you can contact us for a free consultation and free estimate for recovery.

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