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Raid data recovery service

A RAID is normally used in Business when high speed and high storage capacity is needed. It also allows for one drive failure and replacement without turning the system off. However, even these robust systems are not immune to failure. There are many failure scenario that can spell disaster for businesses and individuals alike. Recognizing the critical role data plays in today’s world, Data Recovery NJ steps in with its premier RAID data recovery service. This specialized service underscores our commitment to preserving your essential data, offering a lifeline in the complex and often daunting process of RAID data recovery.

RAID 0 recovery involves restoring lost data from a failed stripe set. It’s complex since data is split across drives. Success relies on intact surviving disks.

RAID 1 recovery usually involves replacing a failed drive and rebuilding the mirror. Since data is mirrored across drives, it offers a straightforward recovery process.

RAID 5 recovery entails reconstructing data using parity information after a single drive failure. Requires all but one drive to be functional for successful recovery.

NAS recovery involves retrieving data from Network Attached Storage after issues like drive failure, accidental deletion, or system crashes. It can be complex due to varied NAS configurations.

Data loss is not just an inconvenience; it can be a crippling blow to individuals and businesses alike. When facing a RAID array failure, the urgency to recover your crucial data cannot be overstated. This is where Data Recovery NJ stands ready to assist. With our bespoke RAID data recovery service, you’re not just enlisting a service; you’re securing peace of mind, knowing your data is in the hands of professionals committed to its recovery.

If you’re grappling with a RAID failure it is best not to try to fix it yourself. Some of the worst unrecoverable jobs we have ever seen was caused by customers trying to fix the problem themselves. One simple mistake can cause the RAID to rebuild wrong which will cause all data to be forever lost. Contact Data Recovery NJ today for a free estimate, and let our certified engineers bring their expertise to bear in restoring your valuable data. With us, you’re choosing a path to data recovery paved with excellence and driven by results. Remember, when it comes to recovering what matters most, Data Recovery NJ is your trusted partner every step of the way.

Local and Emergency: 1-908-232-5771

Discover the Feedback from Our Satisfied Customers

I have been utilizing the services of DataRecovery NJ for at least 15 years. They are as good, probably better, than any of the big expensive labs like Drive Savers. Always quick turnaround times and reasonable prices to boot. I wouldn't dream of sending hard drives, SSDs, or flash media anywhere else for recovering data.

Chris Collins
Chris Collins

Larry is a phenomenal person and great at his work. Gives you explanation of issue and communicates you with updates. If in need of data recovered this is the place to go to.

Willliam Rosales
Willliam Rosales

I worked with DataRecovery NJ, and Larry was a gem to discover. If you're in New Jersey, please don't waste your time anywhere else. DataRecoveryNJ is extremely affordable and genuine peoples. I would ONLY go to them, even if i were out of NJ.

Shawn Butt
Shawn Butt

Larry and his team are amazing! I had a 40 TB RAID 5 go down. I own a production company. The drive had 20 years of films, commercials, music videos, etc. Some companies in California wanted $6,000 - $14,000 to fix it. Larry did it for a fraction of that price and got every single file back. He saved my life! I recommend these guys to everyone I know who is having a hard drive issue.

Chris Suchorsky
Chris Suchorsky

100% Guaranteed Complete Satisfaction with Our Services

19 Years Data Recovery Service Expertise in Watchung, New Jersey – Fast, Reliable Solutions for All Data Loss Issues.

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