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Hard Drives with No ID or Wrong ID


The above picture shows two problems.If you just have “Imminent Failure” alone you might be able to do something.
Let your machine boot. If it boots successfully, quickly back up all your files and replace your bad drive.
If your machine will not boot you better contact us.
The worst problem above is the bad drive ID.
Connected to this machine are two identical WD800JB-00FMA0.
Note the first drive is detected correctly and the second is not.
Incorrect drive ID indicates that the hard drive’s operating system is damaged.
The hard drives operating system is located on protected sectors and can only be accessed with special equipment.

The worst case is if you get no drive ID.
When you power on your computer your drive loads its operating system.
(This is the hard drives operating system and has nothing to do with Windows or bios or dos.)
The hard drive goes through a bunch of self tests and if everything passes it goes to ready and starts communication with your motherboard. If any of the self tests fails then no communication occurs with your motherboard. It is like there is no wire between your drive and computer. There is no software that you can load on your computer that can recover data from a drive that is not detected by your computer.
Our probability of recovering all of your files with the above failures is about high.

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