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Last updated: April 06, 2024

This Privacy Policy describes our policies and procedures on the handling of your personal data.


For the purposes of this Privacy Policy:

Account means a unique account created for you to keep track of your job.

Company refers to Data Recovery New Jersey LLC, 12 New Providence RD, Watchung, NJ 07069.

Cookies We do not use any tracking Cookies.

Country refers to: New Jersey, United States

Device means any device that contains data such as a computer, flash drive, camera card external hard drive or solid state drive.

Website refers to Data Recovery NJ, accessible from

How your Device is handled

We have only one physical location:
Data Recovery NJ
12 New Providence Rd
Watchung, NJ  07069

You either ship us your device or drop it off at our location.

Your device never leaves our location until it is either shipped or picked up by the original person who sent the device. If you wish someone else to pick up or shipped to a different location you must inform us in writing.

Your device is kept in a secure area with a security system that insures no one except authorized Data Recovery Employees can access your device.

When your data is recovered it is normally copied to a New USB device.
This is the device that is sent to you after payment is made.
A copy of your data and your original device is kept for two weeks after payment is made. After two weeks all data is wiped. You can have the original device back if you pay a labor charge to remove all new parts we installed in your device to recover your data.

It is up to you to backup and test all data on the USB drive that we send you.
We do not test each and every file. We just do a random spot test of various files.
You must contact us within two weeks of payment of any problems you find so that we will can retain your backup and original drive until any problem is resolved. If 2 weeks has passed and you did not contact us your data is permanently erased on our backup and original device. There is nothing we can do for you after that point. Your money will not be refunded. If the USB drive we send you fails after 2 weeks it is your responsibility to return to the manufacturer for warrantee replacement. Any data recovery that is required on the new USB drive we send you after 2 weeks is considered a new data recovery job that you pay full price for. Note: there are some failures that can’t be recovered. That is why it is important for you to backup and test your data as soon you receive the new USB drive from us.

Any drive left at our location for greater than two months without any contact from you will be considered abandoned property and will be destroyed.


After 2 weeks the only personal information that is kept for accounting and record keeping purposes is:

Your Email address

First name and last name

Phone number

Address, State, Province, ZIP/Postal code, City
All email correspondences.

Billing summery.
No bank information or credit card numbers are ever saved.


None of this information will be shared with anybody without your written permission.

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