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The first action you need to do is shut down your server and do not swap drives in the hard drive slots. Chances are that two drives have failed and your server has been running in degraded mode before the second drive failed.                 DO NOT RUN CHKDSK!! This will overwrite directory information critical to recovery, such as master file table entries or HFS+ catalog entries which can be recovered from our data recovery tools using parity distribution. Before shipping the drives for data recovery, please label by number each drive as they were seated in the hard drive slots.


When setting up a RAID array, you need a collection of disk drives and either a hardware or a software controller. Software RAID will execute directly on a server using its resources. This may cause some programs to run more slowly. Just about all server operating systems have some sort of RAID management capability. A hardware RAID 5 has its own processor and memory which runs the RAID 5 program. The RAID 5 system is an independent computer system which dedicates only to the RAID 5 application, freeing this task from the host computer system.

While performing a RAID 5 data recovery, there are some important factors which need to be addressed:

How many disks were in the RAID 5 server? What was sequence of the drives? We need to determine the block size or RAID stripe size of the array. Was there an offset the array data began at? What parity pattern was used in the RAID5 data recovery?

Was there any rebuild attempts on the array? Were any of the drives in degraded mode prior to the failure?

Also, it is very beneficial to mark which drive was taken out of each slot in case there are issues figuring out the drive order. If you have experienced a server crash recovery, call Data Recovery NJ and we will diagnose your server for free.

There are many manufactures with implement RAID 5 striping which include, Dell, EMC, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Intel, LSI, Mediasonic, NetApp, NetGear, Promise Technology, Sans Digital.

Data Recovery NJ offers raid recovery services and specializes in server data recovery. We have successfully recovered hundreds of RAID 5 servers and would take care of your crashed server recovery.

RAID 6 with 48 Drives that we recovered

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