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Level 1 recovery: $100 – $400
When there is nothing mechanically or electrically wrong with your drive. Bad wires and connectors, burnt power adapters, accidental deletions, reformatting, overwriting operating system, virus and computers that will not boot but the hard drive is physically functional.

Level 2 Recovery: $300 – $400 (most common)
When your drive is detected by your computer but portions of the file system have read errors (file system corruption). The hard drive is no longer able to access all the sectors on the device due to old age or degraded media on the hard disk platters. This is usually when the data can be recovered without opening the top cover of your drive. A completely dead drive sometimes falls into this category. Since the circuit board is on the outside of the drive it does not have to be opened to repair. Slow reading drives or drives with many bad sectors normally take 1-2 hours of engineering time and 1 to 14 days of machine time. The maximum price for a slow reading drive is $400 (If your drive is not encrypted). Encryption will add about $100 to the final price. If the USB connector is soldered to the PCB it would be $50 more.

Level 3 Recovery $500 + One Parts Drive (Clean Room Recovery Prices)
When your drive is not detected by your computer or it is detected but most sectors are bad. Many times it is making clicking, buzzing, or beeping noises.
If your drive spins, clicks and shuts off this means you had a head crash most of the time.
If it just beeps and does not spin then you have seized bearings or something is jammed in your drive.
If if it beeps and the heads are just stuck on the platter and not crashed it would be under $400Drives with firmware problems are normally $200 to $500.

This ranges from directory damage due to improper removal, broken USB connector, to drive being dead with no detection by your computer. Typical broken USB connector runs about $100-$200 for a USB device. If we can’t access the controller chip data then we need to image the flash chips individually and reconstruct the file system using complex algorithms which would make recovery closer to $400.

SERVER – RAID Recovery Cost
Multi Drive RAID Servers- $200 to $400 per drive.So if you have a 3 drive RAID 5 it would run $600 to $1,200.There will be an extra charge for any drive that needs any major repair.1TB or larger RAIDs may require extra return media charge.Note: RAIDs with a simple configuration failure will cost less to recover than RAIDS with many crashed drives that require clean room work.

HARD DRIVE SERVICE PLANSStandard Service $0 -Estimated Recovery: 5-10 business days. Priority Service $200 extra -Estimated Recovery: 1-4 business days.Emergency Service $500 extra-Estimated Recovery: 24-48 hours.Your recovery worked on 24/7 until your job is complete.

Standard Service $0 -Estimated Recovery: 5-10 business days.Priority Service $500 extra-Estimated Recovery: 1-4 business days.Emergency Service $1,000 extra-Estimated Recovery: 24-48 hours.(Includes Courier pickup)Your recovery worked on 24/7 until your job is complete.

We have never charged anybody over $1,000 for a single drive !

(for standard service)


We will cost you less than the $300 data recovery places!

There are only 3 data recovery places in New Jersey that can do Level 3 Recoveries.
We are one of them.

Watch out for the places that advertise under $300.
They simply run data recovery software on your drive.
If your drive crashes then they say that is all that can be recovered and charge you $300.

Places that advertise $300 data recovery do not fix drives with crashed heads.If your head is crashed the only way to have a good recovery is to replace the bad head.
The only place to get new heads is from a good matching drive.A matching parts drive for a 3TB drive cost about $150 each.Many times it takes 3 part drives for a full recovery.That means parts alone will cost $450.How can someone recover a drive for $300 when parts alone cost $450?

Many times we have paid $150 for a 100GB drives because in order to do a head replacement we must have a perfect matching donor. If your drive was made 10 years ago and is from a rare lot the going price for your drive can be $150 or more.

If you have just one bad head out of six heads on your drive you will have a very poor recovery.
Your hard drive saves all your files across all the heads. Part of your file is saved to head one, the next part is saved to head two and so on. With one head missing all your pictures will have black lines through them. Your videos and music will be choppy with pieces missing every few seconds. Your Accounting software will not open because they require perfect data to open.

We have received many customers that have paid other places $300 and received all their data with black lines through all their files. When we replace the bad head they end up with a perfect recovery with no damaged files.

The only thing that will read the data off your disk is the original drive that wrote it.That means we have to repair your original drive to recover your data.

Note: Clicking and beeping is a sound that is emitted at a repeatable interval. Normally about once every second. Some newer drives will spin up, click a few times and shut down. If the drive spins and there is no head movement it is either a head problem or firmware problem. Many laptop drives are very quiet and you may have to put them to your ear to hear any clicking or beeping.

Random noise from the drive is good and normally indicates a good head.

If you are not sure, please send it in for a free evaluation and estimate.


If we can not recover exactly what you were looking for you do not have to buy it. No strings attached – Free evaluation, free consultation, no attempt fees, no hidden fees, no cancellation fees, no bait and switch tricks.

If we are not able to recover all your data we will offer you a lower price

Most other data recovery companies will charge you the full amount if they recover only 5% of your data. They treat it like a lawyer does where they want to be paid the same amount if they win or lose your case.

Most people do not realize that most recoveries are not 100%.

Other data recovery companies want to be paid the full amount if they get just 1% of your data.

When your recovery is complete, we will show you what we recovered and you decide if you want to buy it.

If we get little or no data, you pay nothing unless you selected priority service or we ordered special parts which can’t be returned.

We will always obtain your approval before buying any part.

Additional charges may apply for postage, tax and return media.

If you provide us a blank drive to copy the recovered files to, there will be no backup media charge. The drive you provide must be blank, good and at least the same size of your drive to be recovered. You must provide the drive before we start the recovery.
If you provide it after it will cost an extra $25 to copy your data from our drive to your drive.
You can also talk to our Engineers about purchasing a new USB Flash drive or USB Hard drive.

Postage by UPS ground normally runs under $12.00 for two pounds.

No evaluation fees on standard service.
You only pay for return postage if we are not successful.

We guarantee the lowest prices for our customers.
If you can find a lower price in the USA we will beat it!

No deceptive range quotes (i.e. ranging from $100 to $2500)


You pay nothing until the recovery is complete and you see your data.
(Except in emergency jobs or if we have to order rare, hard to find parts).

We have a large stock of replacement components.
There will be no parts charge if we have the part in stock.
If we order parts you pay exactly what we pay for it.

We allow you to provide a drive to copy your data to and do not force you to buy an expensive new drive. We may even offer to buy your old computer or hard drive.

Simply put- we do not overcharge you.

A real Engineer with a Engineering Science Degree will work on your drive.
Many places use low paying hourly workers with no kind of degree.

We have repaired many drives that were determined to be Unrecoverable from the biggest, most expensive data recovery places.
We do not give up as easy as many of the big companies do.
Most of the big places give up if it is going to take them more than an hour or two of engineering time or more than a few days of machine time to recover the drive.
They do the easy jobs first and call the more difficult ones Unrecoverable.

We are one of the few data recovery places that will diagnose your drive while you wait and watch. We will not pull a “fast one” on you and say your drive is worse than it actually is.

If it is something simple like a bad USB wire, case or jumper set wrong there will be no charge.

Some places have a fancy office and they never let you in the back room to see where the work is done. The reason for this is because they do not have a back room and actually send your drive to India or China (overnight mail gets your drive to India fast).

There are several data recovery places who send the drives to us and charge you double.

Some hard drive failures are very easy to fix, some are impossible to fix.
We are one of the few data recovery places that charge by the hour.
If your drive is easy to fix it will cost you very little.
If one of our engineers has to spend many hours or days on your drive it will cost you more.


A dead USB drive could be something simple like a bad wire or power adaptor.
It could also be a burnt out circuit board or burnt out heads requiring clean room work.
If it is simple like a wire or adaptor we will tell you while you are here and there will be no charge.

Beware of the data recovery companies that will not let you watch the debug process.
We have received many drives from customers with $800 to $1,800 quotes from other companies.
Some of these drives were something simple and we have fixed them for little or no charge
Some companies base their prices on how badly you want your data.

There is no way we can tell you what is exactly wrong with your drive or how much it will cost without seeing your drive. Fixing a hard drive is much more difficult than fixing a car.
We are one of only 3 data recovery companies in the entire state of New Jersey who are able to successfully perform level 3 recoveries.

Call Data Recovery New Jersey
Toll FreeĀ 888-548-9399
Talk directly to an engineer
Local and Emergency Number: 908-232-5771

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