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A desktop hard drive is typically a 3.5 inch hard drive installed in a computer tower. Some desktop hard drives simply fail because of old age issues due to worn out parts while other 3.5 inch hard drives fail too early due to factory defects. Desktop hard drives typically fail in a short period of time if there is a defect during the manufacturing process. If an desktop hard drive proves to be reliable in the first few weeks after installation, it will have a much less chance for hard drive repair. Even if the desktop hard drive is used for several years of heavy duty use, it may not show signs of wear for several years. But keep in mind, a 3.5 inch hard drive can (and will) fail at some point and the user will have to resort to desktop data recovery.

The most severe failure is a clicking desktop drive due to a head crash. This is where the actuator arm or the read/write head of the desktop hard drive which is typically hovering above the hard drive platters surface, comes into contact with the platter and scratches the magnetic coating on the surface where the users data is stored. A head crash can cause severe data loss but Data Recovery NJ has proven techniques of hard drive repair to restore your precious files. If you hear the clicking desktop drive, power off immediately or it will cause further damage to the media if you allow the actuator arm to crash further. Data Recovery NJ has the proper equipment to bypass clicking desktop hard drive by swapping internal parts with proprietary tools. Since Data Recovery NJ specializes in desktop recovery, we found that the internal platters of the desktop hard disk are actually coated with a very thin layer of non electrostatic lubricant, which allows the read/write head to simply float off the surface of the platter if a collision actually happens. However, since the head is just hovering nanometers from the disk surface, it is inevitable to have this collision occur at some point.

After you experience a desktop hard drive crash, particles from the platter or head can cause bad sectors. When you experience bad sectors, the hard drive can no longer communicate with the track which consists of 512 bytes of data. If there is one bad sector on the drive, this can cause desktop failure, if the data is not backed up you will need an experienced company to perform hard drive repair.

These, in addition to platter damage, will quickly render a HDD useless. An HDD also includes controller electronics, which occasionally fail. In such cases, it may be possible to recover all data.

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