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If your drive locks up or is making funny noises, Immediately power it down.
Remove the battery if you have to.
The more you run the drive, the greater the chance none of your files will ever be recovered.

If your drive is not making any funny noises and is still working, back up your files as quickly a possible.

It is very common for a dropped drive to crash sometime in the next few minutes or next few days.

During a drop, the head slams into the disk surface. Sometimes the damage is major and the head dies instantly.

Sometimes it creates a “Scuff” mark on the disk surface.

Eventually the head will die after it hits this scuff mark enough times.

If the drive was off when you dropped it, DO NOT POWER IT ON!

Once you turn it on your odds of recovering your files quickly goes from 100% to 0% quickly.

A running drive will take less shock than a non running drive.

How much shock will a non powered drive take?

It is about the same as a drinking glass. If you dropped a drinking glass from the same height and it breaks then your drive is also broke.

How much shock will a powered drive take?

We had crashed drives in from customers who have just banged their fist on their desk or dropped their drive from a height of only one inch.

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