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This is the most common hard drive failure we see

A hard drive is a mechanical device. Any mechanical device has a fixed life. For example, if your car has over 200,000 miles on it you know that you will need a engine replacement soon. Most hard drives spin between 5,400 RPM and 10,000 RPM. The actuator arm moves back and forth millions of time. Both the bearings in the actuator arm and spindle motor will eventually wear out. Under normal use, life is normally 3 to 4 years. If your computer is on all the time and runs hot, your life will be less. If you rarely use your computer, life will be longer. As your drive’s bearings wear the alignment between the tracks and your drive’s read head starts to change. You start to loose random sectors. It may start off as one sector a month. You may not notice it. It may be a file that you never use. You will soon start loosing a sector per week, per day and even per hour. Eventually it will hit an important operating system file. Depending on which sector died it could do anything from not being able to open one of your Word documents to knocking out an entire directory or even your entire drives operating system so that the BIOS will not see it anymore.

If you drop your drive (all it takes is a one inch drop) it could knock several years off its life so a 1 year old drive could start acting like a 5 year old drive.

A simple FREE check program is HDDScan
(Download version 2.8 for Windows XP)
(Download version 3.1 for Windows 7, 8 and Vista)

You have to run it as administrator.

Red, Blue or Orange sectors are sectors that your computer can’t access.

Green sectors are sectors that are going to die soon.

If you run this program monthly you can actually watch your drive go bad by the number of green, orange, red and blue sectors you get.

Most data recovery programs that you buy can’t recover Red, Orange or Blue sectors.
Some computers have problems with the Green sectors.
We have a machine that can read these sectors.

The above drive has many bad sectors and should be replaced ASAP

Sectors are dying at a rate of about 100 per hour on the drive above.
Soon sectors will die at a rate of 100 per minute then 100 per second.
Eventually the drive will crash in the end.
If it does crash the recovery price can double because we have to now replace the heads.
If the drive starts scratching when it dies your drive will become unrecoverable.

The biggest mistake most people make is they will try running data recovery software on the drive above and bring it to us after it crashes.

If you are running data recovery software on your drive and many hours pass by and you get nothing you are doing nothing but bringing your drive closer to the point it will crash which will only double your recovery price or make your drive 100% unrecoverable.

Our probability of recovering all of your files with this failure is high if you bring it to us before you crash it.

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