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In many cases, RAID 1 data should be recoverable. We have experienced many cases where both hard drives in the RAID 1 mirror have failed. Often there will be one drive that has failed and the data is just being copied to one drive without the user realizing this. After the second drive fails, you can no longer access the data or the mirror drive has old or stale data. The quality recovery will depend on the the damage of the hard drive. If the RAID 1 was operating properly before the failure then there should be identical copies of the data on both hard drives. This will essentially double your chances of a successful recovery.


RAID1 is basically an exact duplicate mirror copy of data on two disks. This is very useful when performance read and reliability is more important than the size of the storage. However, if you make changes to one disk, then those changes are also made to the other disk. We also have seen where the customer thought the data was duplicating to the mirror drive but the mirror copy was in fact degraded or not working. Then the first drive in the RAID1 fails and there is no duplicate copy, so we have to perform data recovery on both drives to find the data on the most recent copy.

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