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drive-debug-blue screen of death

The most infamous of all failures.
This means that you had either a computer hardware or software failure.If you were adding or removing hardware then your problem is most likely hardware.
If your Windows boot disk still boots then the problem is most likely software.
Most likely one or more of your Windows system boot files were damaged.
You can try pushing F8 as soon an the Windows logo appears and try to boot in safe mode.
If you can boot in safe mode, quickly back up all your personal files.

You can spend days trying to find and fix the bad file or group of files.
What most likely happened is you have a virus or the sector that the system files were on went bad.
Normally the fastest and easiest is to reload Windows.
Yes it is going to take 4 hours but at least it is a sure thing vs. an unknown 1 to 40 hours++.

If your drive is close to 3 years old we would strongly recommend buying a new drive.
You can also perform a HDDScan as described above to test it.
Once your drive starts randomly loosing sectors it is going to just get worse.
Most likely Windows is going to want to try to format your drive.
If you do this all your personal data will be gone.
Backup all your personal data if you can.
If you can’t do it, contact us.

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