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If your drive is making a beeping noise that means that something is stuck in the drive preventing the platters from spinning.

The most common failures that cause this is bent motor shaft caused by dropping the hard drive. If your motor shaft is bent, the motor needs to be replaced to recover any data.

Another failure is seized bearings which are most likely caused from old age.

Again the motor needs to be replaced.

Another failure is improper ejection of the hard drive.

When the hard drive is off the heads should be on the orange parking ramp.

When the hard drive is turned on the disk start spinning and the head move off the parking ramp and float on the disk surface. The heads float on a pocket of air much like a hockey puck on a hockey table. It should never touch the disk surface.
When the hard drive is turned off the heads are moved to the parking ramp and the disk stops spinning.

If the drive is unplugged from the computer quickly and if the heads can’t make it to the parking ramp fast enough the heads will come to a screatching hault on the disk surface. Sometimes the heads crash when this happends, sometimes they don’t. The heads normally stick to the disk surface preventing the disk from spinning. This will cause a beeping noise. If the heads are not crashed we can normally free it up and recover your data for under $400. If your heads are crashed it will be a normal head replacement recovery

Not much you can do but send it to us.

Our probability of recovering all of your files with this failure is high assuming you do not try to fix it yourself.

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