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Unfortunately Rochester does not have any local Professional Data Recovery companies.

There are only five companies within 400 miles of Rochester, and we are one of them.

It is hard to find a good data recovery company: many of the online places that you see listing data recovery services are middlemen. As soon as they receive your drive they will immediately ship it to a real data recovery lab and then bill you 2-3 times the actual cost of lab recovery work. We have heard of places that even go as far as sending drives out of the country.

We are a company that have been in the business of data recovery for years and all necessary lab work on your drive will be done at our location. Our team have knowledge and expertise in recovering various types of hard drives, as well as solid state and flash drives. We have recovered some very challenging and always at a reasonable cost. Many private and business clients come to us with their data recovery needs and we recover their key data for them in a timely fashion.

Your local PC repair shop may be able to help you with simple hard drive problems or data loss
but for serious failures you need a Professional Data Recovery Company.

There are only 23 professional Data Recovery Companies in the USA that can do level 3 data recovery.

We are one of them.

Level 1 can be done by your local computer repair shop.
It involves running data recovery software on your working drive.

Level 2 can be done by larger PC repair companies.
They normally have to invest thousands of dollars in specialized data recovery equipment.

Level 3 is for the most difficult data recovery jobs.
If your hard drive is clicking or not being detected by your computer: no data recovery software or hardware will help you. Head replacement on a hard drive is very complicated and there are very few professionals who are good at it and have a high success rate.

If you search on Data Recovery in Rochester you will come back with a few hundreds of places that claim that they do data recovery in Rochester.

If you check each one by one, you will find out it is either a computer shop which only does level 1 or sometimes level 2 recovery or it is a fake web site made by a salesman who is trying to trick you into sending him your hard drive. The salesman typically makes very large commission on each job and they never have to work on a hard drive.

You can ship your hard drive to us in two days by UPS Ground

Bring your drive in to our location and we will debug it while you wait for free!

🗸 Lowest Cost Manhattan Data Recovery
🗸 By Professional Engineers
🗸 Highest success rate
🗸 We have been in business for 8 years
🗸All recovery work is done at our location and never outsourced

1-888-548-9399 Toll Free


Open 10:00am to 7:00pm
Monday Through Friday

Some days we are open as late as 8:00 PM
Please call first to make an appointment.

Data Recovery NJ
12 New Providence Road
Watchung, NJ 07069

Hard Drive Recovery Rochester

Please do not mail us your hard drive unless you first contact us by phone or e-mail

All recovery work is done at this location.

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Call Data Recovery New Jersey
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Data Recovery NJ
12 New Providence Road
Watchung, NJ 07069

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