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Clicking Hard Drive Recovery

Hard Drive Crash (Clicking Hard Drive)

If the noise is in a repeatable pattern this normally indicates an internal mechanical head failure.

Clicking Hard Drive

IBM Click and Grind

Western Digital Crashed

Clicking Seagate

Maxtor Click

Click Grind

Bad Bearings

If you drive spins up, makes a few clicking noises and shuts down it most likely had a head crash.

Newer Western Digital drives make 3 sets of 3 clicks and shut down if they have a head crash.

On the drive above notice the top head has lifted off the disk surface

This is sometimes referred to as “The Click of Death”.
This normally means the drive’s read head “Crashed” into the disk surface and was destroyed.
This is one of the worst things that could go wrong with your drive.
No read head means no data. Only our clean room can repair.
Our probability of recovering your files with the above failure is 90% if you had no surface damage.
0% if you had severe surface damage.
Note: Our success rate is dependant on the damage you had to the disk surface. Most crashes cause disk surface damage and when a new head runs across this damaged area, the new head is destroyed. Files that are near this damaged area can’t be recovered by anyone.
Some newer drives will time out and shut down after a few clicks. This was added because most people let their drives click for minutes and sometimes hours thinking the clicking will go away. The only thing that does go away is their data.
Many laptop drives run very quiet and you have to put your ear it it to hear if it is clicking.

If your drive makes a high pitch “chirp” or “buzz” noise and clicks


Chirping or buzzing means the disk is being scratched. Power down your drive immediately if you want any chance of us recovering your data.

The owner of the drive above thought that if he let it click for long enough, the clicking would go away.

The only thing that went away was our chances of recovering any of his data.

The probability that anybody on this earth can recover the files from the drive above is 0%.

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