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Data Recovery Ohio

Ohio's Lowest Price Recovery Service


There are only nine professional Data Recovery companies within 600 miles of Ohio, and we are the ones with the lowest prices.

Simple hard drive failures or data loss may be resolved by a local computer shop, of course for the more complex tasks you need a Professional Data Recovery Company.

We are among a few Data Recovery companies in the United States that can do level 3 data recovery.

99% of all Professional Data Recovery companies only have one location. This is because the Engineers work best in one building. That way each engineer can become a specialist at a specific hard drive. If you see many locations you know the company is fake.

Level 1 May be completed by your electronics shop.
(Often by running data recovery software on your drive)

Level 2 Might be done by larger PC repair places
It requres a significant investment by the repair palce in specialized equipment.

Level 3 Is reserved for the most difficult recovery jobs.
Software and hardware recovery cannot help if the drive is clicking and cannot be detected by a computer. Very few people are specializing in heads replacement for a clicking drive.

If you search on Data Recovery in Ohio you will come back with hundreds of places that claim that they do data recovery in Ohio.

Most of these please are salesman posing as a data recovery company. When you send them your drive, it is forwarded to a real data recovery lab for diagnostics and recovery and you are stuck with the bill not only for lab services, but for a salesman's commission as well (some middlemen double the actual charges that they pay out to the lab)

How to avoid fake Data Recovery Companies (Click Here)



You can ship your hard drive to us in two days by UPS Ground

Bring your drive in to our location and we will debug it while you wait for free!

Lowest Cost Ohio Data Recovery
No Data, No Charge, Free Esitmates

By Professional Engineers
Highest success rate
We have been in business for 8 years
All recovery work is done at our location and never outsourced

1-888-548-9399 Toll Free

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Open 10:00am to 7:00pm
Monday Through Friday

Some days we are open as late as 8:00PM
Please call first to make an appointment.

Data Recovery NJ
12 New Providence Road
Watchung, NJ 07069

Hard Drive Recovery Ohio

Please do not mail us your hard drive unless you first contact us by phone or e-mail

All recovery work is done at this location.

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Call Data Recovery New Jersey
Toll Free 888-548-9399
Talk directly to an engineer

Data Recovery NJ
12 New Providence Road
Watchung, NJ 07069


e-mail us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Data Recovery NJ Location:
12 New Providence Road
Watchung, NJ 07069

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