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OPEN 10am - 6pm Monday-Friday


Your are obviously here because you can't access your data.

The first thing you must do is determine if you had a computer failure or a hard drive failure.

If you push the power button on your computer and nothing happens you most likely have a computer problem and not a hard drive problem.


If you know what you are doing you should remove the hard drive from your computer and hook it up to a good computer either through a USB box or by direct connection to the motherboard.


If you see all your files, copy them to another drive and have someone fix your computer.


If your good computer does not detect the hard drive then you have a problem with your hard drive. There is nothing you can do if your computer will not detect the drive. You need to send it to us and let us fix it.


If your computer asks you to initialize or format your drive, say no!


Check to see if the drive shows up in "disk management" or "disk utilities".
If it shows up with the correct size then you should scan the drive with HDD Scan.
Click the "Hard drive mechanical failure" tab below and follow the instructions.
If it shows up with the wrong size in "disk management" or "disk utilities" there is not much you can do but send it in to us.
If it scans good with no bad sectors follow the steps below for "If a file or some group of files seem to have disappeared"
Search below for any other symptoms your drive may have.
You can always call us for free advice.


Data Recovery NJ Location:
12 New Providence Road
Watchung, NJ 07069

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