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SSD hard drives do in fact fail so at some point you may need SSD data recovery. These drives can be more difficult to recover due to their complex nature.
Data is written in a different manner than a platter based hard drive, so recovery can be quite complex if we need to extract the flash memory chips and read them through our chip reader. Devices with flash memory can hold a lot of information, but unlike a hard disk which contains spinning platters and mechanical read-write heads, the SSD drives have no mechanical parts. They're built from components such as transistors and flash chips. This is why they are named solid state.

IMG 1450Solid state data recovery is becoming increasingly more popular. At the moment, there are two types of flash memory chips which are NOR and NAND. Both of the chips contain cells in a grid, but the wiring between the cells is slightly different. NOR flash chips are wired in parallel grid formation. NAND flash chips cells are wired in a series. NOR cells contain far more wires, so they are larger and more complex. NAND chips require fewer wires and can be filled on a chip with a larger density. Thus, NAND flash chips are less expensive and can read and write data quicker. NAND flash chips are at the moment the more ideal storage technology and are currently the more popular flash memory technology solid state drives.

If your solid state drive gets shorted out, you will see the SSD burnt and the SSD no longer working. You will see either a transistor component or a flash memory chip will have a physical burn mark on the component. We specialize in solid state drive repair so there is a good chance we can recover the data.

Another common failure is controller corruption or controller chip failure. The data that resides in the controller is the brains of the SSD. That data can get overwritten or scrambled. If that happens, the data still resides on the flash memory chips, but the drive no longer knows how the data is stored. We can read the flash memory chips individually and logically rebuild the data structure.

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