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We started this page to show hard drives that other major data recovery places said were "unrecoverable" yet we recovered the drive. We included job numbers, their letters claiming the drive was unrecoverable and proof that we recovered the drive. Shortly after we started receiving threats from the large companies. They told us to remove the posts "or else". Even though what we posted was the truth we thought it would be best to cross out all references to the big companies.


We Recovered 285,214 Files 256,206,002,188 bytes 43,223 Dirs (It was a 99.9% recovery)

Our charge to recover: $570. Their estimate was 3X what we charged and they could not do it.



Case #2

The other Data Recovery place could not recover. Our price to recover: $595.00
We recovered 99.9% of the customers data.

IMG 1998s


Case #3

We recovered 1,023,705 File, 659,526,344,267 bytes 233,487 Dir (A 100% recovery)

This drive simply had a burnt circuit board. What made it unrecoverable is that it was one drive of a RAID 0 and they did not know enough to ask the customer for the second drive. They quoted this job for $1,950 and could not recover it. We recovered it for $485.

 Proven Data Recovery1

Case #4
From a wedding photographer who had two weddings she took on this drive. She had no backups. A major company in California said they could not recover and said there was media damage. Another data recovery company in New York City did not think anything could be recovered after they looked at it. We recovered over 80% of her photos.

IMG 2029s



Our customer was quoted $2,600 by a major company in California to recover his poems. They could only recover 14 of them. They reduced their pirce and sold it to him for $1,600. He then sent the drive to us and we recovered all of his poems for $659 which includes return media. His lawyer had to contact the first place to get his $1,600 back.

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